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Chevrons and Battle Drones… oh my


Sniper Arena finally committed to a launch date! The games first BATTLE DRONES are scheduled to take off to the Arena sky (sometime) next week! Since the drones have specific requirements, Sniper Arena has increased the amount of FIRETEAM chevrons to 10 on AM/EW servers, and to 15 on EE server!

Before the grand release, the battle drones prices have been declassified: 

LIGHT BATTLE DRONE “FOX” (6×6) – 3000 diamonds

MEDIUM BATTLE DRONE “EAGLE” (5×5) – 6000 diamonds

ASSAULT DRONE “BOAR” (4×4) – 10000 diamonds

HEAVY DRONE “TIGER” (3×3) – 15000 diamonds

ULTRA HEAVY DRONE “BEAR” (2×2) 20000 diamonds

While the details are still very sketchy as to how these drones are going to integrate into the game play, Sniper Arena has promised that they have been working hard to make this a seamless upgrade to the game.

Updated article on the Battle Drone details.

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  1. Ooooh… Bring out those Drones!

    Trent on April 19 | Reply