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Changes in the Mercenaries Leagues


With the beginning of the new game week there will be changes in the Mercenaries Leagues closure time schedule. The main goal of the change is to close lower leagues earlier and allow mercenaries from higher leagues get higher rewards sooner.

The biggest issue with the old system was that the motivation to get to M1 was weak, since M3 and M2 were the most beneficial leagues. While with the new system the higher the league, the more options there are.


M4 – 96 hours before the end of a game week (current time is 72 hours)
M3 – 48 hours before the end of a game week (current time is 36 hours)
M2 – 24 hours before the end of a game week (current time is 18 hours)
M1 – 3 hours before the end of a game week (no changes)


Becoming a mercenary is one of the mainstays for players to make in-game diamonds, so any change will have a bug effect on players. The only difference we see with this latest change, is that as an M1 you’ve got chances to play all week as MERC. But why would someone accept a 2 HR LIMIT for the contract, unless the payment is sufficient? With this change, the only reason to become M1 would be the medal, which you can get for a lot less diamonds/money and a lot less trouble in the promo boxes.


After the nightly reset, players have been unable to complete the DAILY TASKS that require “killing enemies who are shooting at you.” (NOW FIXED)

Similar issue from the reset couple days ago: you now need to kill REAL PLAYERS for it to register, and doesn’t not count if you died, respawned and then killed them.