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Snipers! The 0.9.4 battle drones update is live! Get aboard, we are preparing to take off!

The battle drones mechanics has been added, with minor game performance improvements. This experimental technology is currently working in TEST MODE.

Find out more about the Sniper Arena Battle Drones in the game guides.

NOTE: The drones mechanics will be turned on when the majority of the players have installed the latest update.

Update Notes

  1. The update might not reach all regions at the same time. If you can’t see it just yet, please give it a little more time.
  2. Apple devices: you might need to drag down the applications list in the App Store updates window to get the that option.
  3. If you still can’t see the update (and the method suggested in the post Note 2 didn’t work for you), please reinstall the game and you will get the latest update with it.

IMPORTANT: if your progress was not linked to a Game Center account (Apple devices), after reinstalling the game you might get a new Player ID. In this case please contact the Sniper Arena Game Support to get your progress restored.