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Changes in the DOMINATION system!

  1. An alliance holding a territory will have to participate in playoff battles to get a chance to defend a territory.
  2. The two alliances which will get to the playoff finals will battle for the right to hold a territory. If in 45 minutes the winner won’t be clear, an alliance which is lower in the Domination ratings will get the territory.
  3. The Domination ratings will be made of Domination points which will be given for a place in playoffs or participation in the final battle
  4. The ban for losing in Domination finals will be removed.
  5. The territories holders will get additional bonus in earned cash in all battle modes (the size of bonus will depend on a territory).

DOMINATION POINTS (the scoring is similar to the Fireteams ratings)

  • For winning the final battle – 25 points;
  • For participating in the final battle (losing it) – 20 points;
  • For the 3rd and the 4th places in playoffs – 18 points;
  • For the 5th to the 8th places in playoffs – 16 points etc