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Sneak Peek: Gear Guides Section

Coming Soon…

Just in case you wondered where the Rifles, Helmets and even Drones were hiding, we are declassifying that information. Behind the scenes is the new Gear Guides — a comprehensive collection of all the gear you have and even the ones from your growing wish list.


  • Complete product details on every Rifle and Helmet (it’s a big list for sure)
  • Sortable tables with side-by-side gear comparisons (quickly compare a DDRS Winter to a Golden TPAR or PSG-1)
  • Visual Rattle details, prices and dependancies (because you know you want everything pimped out)
  • Explanations of Differential Advantages and advanced tips on how to use them (get the maximum rankpoints possible)
  • Even Battle Drone overviews, specifications and rationales (they may be new, but that doesn’t stop us from getting the juicy details)
  • …and much, much more!



It takes an extreme amount of work to gather all the information, sort, proof and format them for these guides. SniperHQ and all the information within is not endorsed, paid for, or affiliated with SniperArena, Nordcurrent or any of their affiliates.

While I continue to work long hours on creating these guides, it does take time and money to create them. If you value this information and find it useful, please consider becoming a Patron today.

As a Patron, you will also get this information first, before the rest of your Sniper Arena opponents! (definitely giving you the edge against your opponents)