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Daily Tasks and Rewards: From Rags to Riches

If you haven’t discovered it yet, Sniper Arena can be a very expensive game (addiction). Some players report spending hundred to thousands of real dollars to purchase gems and gear. (I won’t admit to my wife just how much I have spent).

There is an easier way to earn free cash and gems!

No, I am not talking about “Sniper Arena Hack Cheat Online Generators” that promise unlimited diamonds and cash (that’s the quickest way to get banned from the game). The easiest way is through the game’s Daily Tasks and Rewards. Besides, you’re probably completing some of these steps already.

Maybe not the lure of 10,000 DIAMONDS FREE, but definitely worth it. Here are a few game guides to help you take full advantage of all the free cash and diamonds possible (and legitimately)!


  1. Guide: Daily Rewards
  2. Guide: Daily Tasks