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Troubleshooting: game and device performance


Hopefully you’re on a fast WiFi connection and current device. Other than that, there are few things you can do when experiencing game lag or other performance issues. Here are some variables to consider:

1. Sniper Arena Server Load

Sniper Arena hosts most of the game content on their servers, versus stored on your device. This means the more people online, the more the servers get over-tasked, and the more likelihood of glitches and slower response times. There are also other issues that can slow down the transfer of game data, which you can test with a ping. (Nothing you can really do about these issues). Sniper Arena Support’s only suggestion is moving to a different server.

2. A poor network connection via WiFi

If your WiFi is acting unusually slow, first try moving closer to the router. Distance and walls are the largest contributor to poor signal strength. If that doesn’t help, next try rebooting your modem and/or router.

If you have a cable modem, unplug the modem and disconnect the cable from the box for 5 minutes, then connect the cable and turn on power. This will force the modem to find a better connection.

3. A poor network connection via Cellular

Cellular is inherently slower for game play, especially for Sniper Arena. Try shutting down and restarting your device. This will force it to connect with closest and hopefully stronger cell tower, or don’t use cellular.

4. Poor Hardware Compatibility

That 3 year old phone will not perform as good as the latest model. Check the Sniper Arena hardware requirements for your device, listed in the App Store or Google Play store. If your device is on the low end of supported devices, then it will have poor performance no matter what you do.