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Assorted Game Additions


Occasionally Sniper Arena adds new features or makes changes to the game, without much fanfare or explanation. Here are a few of the most notable and mysterious additions.

Consumables Auto Reload

After a battle, if you ran out of some or all of your consumable rattle, a window pops up to kindly offer you to replenish it — NOW!!! The refill is the same regular price, so SA is not upselling you, but they are also not giving you a discount for doing it then.

How does this help?

Well, maybe you are in a tournament and just ran out. You could go back to the armory, pick the gear you want, then jump back into battle. Meanwhile your opponents have already captured another flag, or just click YES! This may be beneficial in a battle or a hinderance… depends on your point of view.

Now the question you are really wondering: does it refill rattle that you won or don’t have the requirements for? Sorry to say, ww have tested it and the answer is no. (it would have been a cool glitch though)