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Description about Squads


A SQUAD is a group of players that unite to achieve common goals. SQUAD rankpoints can be earned in Team deathmatches, tournaments and domination battles. Joining a SQUAD unlocks the following features:

  • Squad Chat
  • Squad Deathmatch Mode (SDM)
  • Domination Mode (DOM)
  • Tournament Mode (Tourney)


Each squad has a chain of command, both in SniperArena and Discord. Each Status position is awarded based on responsibility in the squad, which is independent of an individuals rank or squad points.

COMMANDER = Only one player can be the leader of the squad. They have control over the settings, creating and inviting squads to their alliance,

DEPUTY CMD = experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and helpful in the squad

OFFICER = proven daily participation in squad battles


RECRUIT = xxxx


A player without a squad can join an existing squad or establish his own squad. The squad establishing fee is 100 diamonds. During squad establishment, a player has to name the squad, define the membership type and access level. These settings can be changed later, although, renaming a squad will cost 100 diamonds.

A player can quit a squad at anytime. To do so, the player has to navigate to the “Squad” tab, tap on his rank and tap the LEAVE button. A squad COMMANDER and  DEPUTIES can kick a player from a squad, by demoting them until the KICK OFF button appears.

If a player quits or is kicked from a squad and wants to join another squad, they need to wait until the beginning of the next game week (Sunday 9:00 AM (UTC+3)) or pay a fee of 1,000 diamonds. The diamonds are not refunded in the case of a player trying to join a moderated squad and getting rejected.

NOTE: a player needs to be “squadless” on Saturday to join on Sunday. If invited on Sunday, the player can accept the invitation at any day afterwards, but the invite needed to be initiated on that Sunday prior.


Each squad has its own ranking of players. Placement in those ranks determine rewards on a local and regional level. Here is a breakdown of how Ranks and Rewards work in a squad.

MAIN SQUAD SCREEN: displays the list of players — their Name, Title, Rank, Squad and Individual Rankpoints, and more. Live status of the number of players, how many are online and other tabbed categories.


Aside from joining a squad that you “fit in with”, one thing to consider is your personal advancement and rewards. (Also consider the penalties)

If you join a high ranking squad like FORCERECON, you would need to get over 1,112,000 Squad Rankpoints weekly, just to have any hopes for rewards. With a squad like RONAN, that weekly amount drops to around 190,000.