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Comms: Defining Sectors of Fire


It’s a big world out there, so don’t keep tripping over your teammates. Learn how to effectively share the battle by creating boundaries. (Sorry, we can’t help you with personal space issues).


Field of View (FOV) is the amount of the battlefield that can be viewed at any given time. In Sniper Arena Deathmatches, only a fraction of the battlefield can be seen in each map. The full viewpoint expands well beyond the FOV — both vertically as well as horizontally.


When you are in a match with other teammates, it’s helpful to define some general boundaries or SECTORS. If players sector their fire, then everyone ends up covering the most area with the least amount of scrolling and overlap.

Sectoring your fire will actually generate more kills — and faster — because you’re actually feeding your team-mate your respawns and they ping pong the targets back and forth.

Depending on the number of players, this can be divided a number of ways.


The battle map is for two players and is divided into LEFT and RIGHT sectors. If a third person joins late, it is easy to transition to the THREE SECTOR version.


The battle map is divided into LEFT, CENTER and RIGHT. If this started as three players, then one drops out, you can default back to TWO SECTORS.


This battle map is still divided into LEFT and RIGHT sectors, but now it gets fun. This is where planning ahead comes in handy. As more players are involved, divide the areas from the center out. Find which style works best for your squad, then make sure everyone works off the same version.


If you have assigned roles for each sector or don’t, many players have a preference to shoot LEFT or RIGHT. Before each match, Squad Chat is the perfect place for players to declare a SECTOR they want to shoot in.

GAME TIP: If you end up in a bigger map and notice sectors to the LEFT and RIGHT are covered, or you join a battle in-progress, push to the CENTER BY DEFAULT.


Your squad rushes into a new node,  but someone joined late, maybe you didn’t even notice the late arrival until you died — how do you communicate in the heat of battle? Glad you asked.

In order to communicate in the middle of a battle, the TAUNT MENU (speech bubble) is used to notify your teammates what’s happening. Select that drop down menu and you will have a list of TAUNTS to pick from (those pesky messages you see next to the menu). So how does this help the team? Another good question.


When you’re in a battle, pick a TAUNT and everyone on your team will see it (that includes the opponent). With an agreed upon assignment of actions to each TAUNT, you can use it to communicate in real-time!

Below are a few of the most common assignments that squads use. It doesn’t matter which you use, as long as everyone uses the same METHOD. Pick one and stick to it. Nothing will throw a team into chaos faster than switching between meanings.

An easy way to remember LEFT from RIGHT, is to visualize the menu sideways.

NEED HELP? PUT OUT A DISTRESS CALL. If you run out of boosts, or overwhelmed and need the other people to pick up your side, just hit any game comm 3-times in a row. This is a simple way to communicate a distress call so your squad can help you.

GO HOME! (You’re in the wrong place). Sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s okay, if you see “GO HOME!” 3-times, then someone is helping to kindly remind you. Don’t take it personal.


It takes some practice to watch for messages and to use them consistently, but eventually it becomes second nature and very easy. Just keep practicing. Check out the Game Call Signs for more options you could explore.