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Comms: Game Call Signs


One of the most difficult aspects of playing with multiple people is working as a unified team. This is not easy task, especially when you consider the differences in experience, weapons and personalities. Many squads have tried different methods. Some good, some not so good. So what can your squad do in the heat of battle?


There are a few ways for a squad to orchestrate feedback during a Tour. Some of these methods are easier than others. The more difficult part is getting everyone to stick to the plan, adjusting to live changes in the battle, and all players working as a team.


Sniper Arena doesn’t have built-in voice comms like most of the desktop or console games, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip this option. If you have a Voice Chat feature that your squad uses, it would be worth exploring that option. You could also use a separate device for voice chats.

Sniper Arena recently added a feature in the settings, that allows you to turn down or mute the game music, voice prompts, or sound effects. This enables you to use a third-party voice chat or play your favorite adrenaline pumping playlist!

CONTRADICTION: This method would use more bandwidth, so it could degrade the game performance.


You can access the SQUAD CHAT between matches to check on battle updates or reassignments. The Squad Chat forum is familiar and can be quickly switched to by selecting the CHAT icon. After checking for comments, switch back to the Battle Map by selecting the BACK button.

CONTRADICTION: This method takes extra time and can be clunky to use. So while you are switching back and forth, your opponent is racking up points.


An easy concept to use is the Sectors of Fire method. When there’s multiple players you divide up the battlefield into sectors and each player shoots in that sector. As things change, a simple way to adapt (in real time) is with the Taunts Menu.

CONTRADICTION: This has been used by many squads, so what each call sign means, can vary between squads. Opponents can also take the taunts as a literal jab at them, so be ready for the increased hostility.