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Washing Gems and Cash



Like the concept of money laundering, washing gems and cash operates in a similar fashion. Washing is a great way to increase your VIPCashback rewards. It is fairly simple, if you follow the instructions below.

In the VIPCashback list, most rewards are for shooting and progress activities. But if you look at the bottom of the list, you will see additional rewards for gifting money and gems.

For example, at VIP LEVEL 2 the ROCKHOUND II task is to purchase 111 diamonds to get 60 bonus diamonds. The MILLIONAIRE I task is to purchase $7,500 and get $1,600 back.


In the simplest terms, washing is giving someone a number of gems or cash, and in turn the recipient gives the same amount back. The VIP Cackback bonus is the reward.

STEP 01:

The tricky part, you must have PURCHASED the gems or cash with REAL money. It is also best to know who is willing to “wash” items with you.

STEP 02:

Within 72 HOURS of your purchase, you can GIFT UP TO THE AMOUNT of PURCHASES to another player. Once you have given that TOTAL amount. That is it. You can not give any more, until you purchase more.

This is the trickiest part of washing. EXAMPLE: If you purchase 111 gems, then within 72 hours you can only give up to that amount of gems and only gems. So one gift of 111, or 2 gifts of 55, or 11 gifts of 10.

STEP 03:

To give a gift, go to the players profile and click on the “gift” button at the bottom.