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VIP Cashback: The Catch


In the article VIP Cashback, we discussed the possibility of a total 125 rewards. These are “possible” rewards, mostly because it’s easy to miss many of them and not even know it.


If a diamond purchase is large enough, it can unlock all the cashback levels at the same time. This sounds like a good thing, but really isn’t. If you don’t complete all the rewards for that VIP level, before advancing to the next level, then you lose those rewards.

Let’s look at the previous example and then fast forward. In this example the player is at VIP LEVEL 2. The ROCKHOUND II task is to purchase 111 diamonds, the MILLIONAIRE I task is to purchase $7,500.

In this next example, the player has advanced to VIP 7 and earned all the ROCKHOUND rewards up to level 6, but never completed the MILLIONAIRE tasks.

As each VIP level increased, so did the task requirements. At the current state, to earn any MILLIONAIRE rewards, the player needs to purchase $2,465,000. The VIP 2 task and reward of $16,000 is long gone.

There are a few contradictions to these examples. Both the RIFLEMAN and GEARHEAD carry over the excess amounts, but also bring forward any missed rewards. Since the ROCKHOUND task is tied to diamond purchases, it is easily achieved, but the reward needs to be collected in order to move it to the next level.


It’s a good practice to always keep an eye on these levels before and after purchases. In some cases, a purchase doesn’t mean you had to pay the full amount. If you bought the qualifying item(s) on sale or “won” them as a prize from a gift box, then those items still count towards the requirements.