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Strategy: Mixing Ranks


We have collected a few tips for commanders, for when they are battling tournaments. These are especially helpful if the opponent is a high ranking squad.


1) If a low rank player is getting excessively killed, drop out and go to a different node. The opponent gets more points for killing a player than bots. This would make it difficult to win.

2) High ranking players should focus on finding and killing the opponent, while the low ranks focus on bots. Easier said than done, but worth the effort.

3) Let the lowest rank player enter the node first. This will set the difficulty level of the bots lower. If the opponent enters first, then the bots level will be based off of their stats.

4) If you are struggling getting one-shot kills, switch to an empty node.

5) When the final flag battle is almost over, there is still time to catch one more node battle. Select one quick, because once the winner is announced all nodes are locked.

6) One of the best masks for lower rank players is Venom. Bots don’t see you, so it makes it easier to get kills and not use up your boosters.