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Battles: Opponent Recon


Since opponent matching isn’t something you have control over, you never know who you’re going up against until the game starts. So here are a few ways to do some reconnaissance and gather information that could help you in the battle. As a wise Joe once said “Knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle!”

These guides apply to both TOURNAMENTS and DOMINATION battles.



In the past you could count on tournament opponents being 5-up or 5-down from your current rank. With recent updates to the game this matching is now more random. Even with a random match, you can still use this old method as a way to do a little recon and scout out who you might be up against.

  1. Go to the SQUAD RANKINGS section and view your TOURNAMENT rank.
  2. Review the couple of squads above and below your rank (*AUSSIES*).
  3. Note their win/loss ratio (2 WINS / 9 LOSES)
  4. Next, click on their SQUAD NAME to see their full roster.
  5. Check to see what players are online and take note of their stats.
  6. Pay special attention to RANK and gear levels.
  7. The Alliance tab shows you if or who they are aligned with, which might also be helpful.

This recon method provides a little preemptive insight. You can determine that if you are matched up against SQUAD A then you’ll know it will be difficult, while Squads B or C could be an easier match.


After the tour has started, one way to quickly assess the situation is to check the opponents roster. This will provide some information that might prove vital to winning the tour.

On the main battle scheme, quickly click on the opponents SQUAD NAME.

Take note of how many are players are online and what their ranks are.

Remember: the TOUR has already started, so while you are looking, your opponents are fighting and the clock is ticking!

This recon method provides a better assessment than trying to count who is actually fighting. Some squads don’t engage all their players until they see a node is attacked. If you see only two players are online, then they are the only two you need to worry about.


After a NODE BATTLE has started, one way to quickly check who is in the same battle, is to select the ROSTER MENU. Look quick at your opponents, then RETURN to the battle. If you feel overwhelmed, or need to just leave the whole TOURNAMENT, then select the EXIT GAME. This will take you back to your ARMORY.

SECOND REMINDER: the battle has already started, so while you are looking, your opponents are fighting and the clock is ticking!

You can learn about other battle strategies in the STRATEGY guide.


When a team-based battle starts, each team is assigned a color. The color is determined by the game systems Special Rating. RED is offense, while BLUE is defense. A team from a lower position will be BLUE and will have a small strategic advantage over the RED team.

Keep an eye on the Color Coded Timer. The color of the “box” is the team that’s currently winning.