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Scoring Wins with Kill Streaks



The longer you can stay alive and keep the KILL STREAK going, the more the BONUS points you rack up. Your death resets the streak bonus, unless you have a MASK that keeps it going. This is one of the scoring differences you see, when an opponent has the same or less kills than you, but more RANKPOINTS.

+3 COMBO for every successful kill (without dying)

The bonus increases by +3 for each consecutive kill. This adds up exponentially and makes a big difference in your final score. The bonus resets to zero if you die. The two exceptions are: if you use a mask that specifically keeps the streak going after death or reach the max streak of 500.

Tracking Kill Streaks

To the right of your crosshairs, you can see your current KILL STREAK bonus after each kill. It will be displayed as “+00 COMBO” along with your other bonuses.


  1. JOKER, ALIEN, and CAT masks – keeps the kill streak going, even if you die.
  2. VENOM MASK – makes you invisible to bots, so at least they aren’t shooting at you.
  3. ADRENALINE BOOSTER – auto-enable it to stay alive longer.