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Fundamentals of Combat Marksmanship


The goal of snipers in any game is to take out the enemy in one shot. Make sure you practice your aim because you might not get a second chance if you miss.


The game controls are pretty straight forward and easy to learn. You just need to swipe and zoom. That doesn’t mean that you can just tap away on your screen and expect headshots to pour in. Mastering your aim takes time and a lot of patience, but it is the number one skill you need to have. You don’t always need to get a headshot, though. Sometimes just hitting your enemy is enough.

All marksmanship practice must be progressive!

  1. Slowly increase your aiming speed
  2. Swipe smooth and steady = less over shooting
  3. Cluster your targets = less swiping, quicker kills, more points
  4. Mentally plan your attack sequence = as you zero in on one kill, note the next target you’ll be going after

Things you shouldn’t do:

  • DON’T swipe all over the place – you lose time coming back to the target
  • DON’T increase your speed drastically – 0 to 60 only works with cars.
  • DON’T lose your cool – the more you get anxious or frazzled, the more you overshoot.


There are times when if you move too fast, your aim gets affected.

  • Headshots register toward the top of the head. Lower part of the head hits as a body shot.
  • If the target is “wiggling” from being shot, you are likely getting a body shot.
  • As your aiming improves, there are advanced settings where you can adjust the zoomed and unzoomed scope speed.
  • Each rifle shoots differently, so learn the differences between each of them.
  • Camo that increases your rifle speed will greatly effect your aim as well.