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Gear Advice 101


Here are a couple of very basic things that sometimes get overlooked, but will make a huge difference. (All without a Hack Code Cheat Generator!)

FIRST, YOU NEED A HELMET. Get one. It is best to start with the RHINO, which will get you moving. HORNET is a good crystal helmet, while COBRA is thought to be the best value. DO NOT UPGRADE ARMOR. Focus on all of the other stats first, heaviest on the BATTERY. After those are level 10 or higher, then take ARMOR to level 2 and continue upgrading the other stats.

SECOND, YOU NEED A RIFLE. Each rifle has some very basic upgrade paths that will get you maximum returns. For entry level rifles: focus on Magazine, Scope, Trigger, Buttstock and Bipod. Get them all to level 5 ASAP. After that, you can upgrade Ammo, Muzzle and Barrel.

THIRD, YOU DON’T NEED EVERYTHING. It’s not necessary to buy every item or purchase them sequentially. Wait, save up, and buy the best you can at that time, then focus on upgrades. Any older gear is worthless at that point and can’t be sold.

Now it’s time to lock and load!

Just follow these Sniper Arena tips and tricks, and you’ll be an Elite Sniper in no time! For more insider tips and veteran advice, read through rest of these basic guides, or jump right into the full Game Guides.