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Cryptic Game Lingo


Like any other industry or game, the players seem to be speaking a different language. Before you grab an interpreter or search a Language Wiki, here is some common lingo used in Sniper Area and what the acronyms mean.


DMDeath Match (also referencing a Direct Message)
TDMTeam Death Match
SDMSquad Death Match (previously Team Death Match)
TOURNYTournament Battles
DOMDomination Battles
NODEBattle location (also referred to as Cell, Hub, Spot, or Waypoint)
HUBEntry point in a DOM playoff round (interchangeable with NODE, also referred to as Lane or Spot)
OWOverwatch Position
DDefensive Position
OOffensive Position
SHORT-OShortest offensive route to the opponents flag
LONG-OUtilize the time to eliminate the more nodes
PUSHAttack opponents flag
HOLDBlock of defense
DCDeputy Commander
WEAPONRifle (military never refer to it as a GUN)
GEARReferences both Helmet and Rifle
RATTLECamo, Masks, or oils that are applied to rifles or helmets
BOOSTERSOne-use consumable items (health, explosive bullets, spotters)
WASHA method of exchanging items for rewards
PLUGGERMilitary Tech gadgets
*Keep in mind that not everyone uses terms properly.


In military terms, each weapon version is assigned a designator. MARK (Mk) is the primary model of the weapon, while MODIFICATION (Mod) designated a minor change. In Sniper Arena, each upgrade to a rifle or helmet is 1 Mod. Every 6 Mods = 1 Mk. So a rifle with Mk 10 Mod 2 means it had 62 upgrades to it.


Rattle is often referred to as protective military gear worn in combat situations. Full Battle Rattle is to wear all of your combat gear, including IBA, Kevlar, FLC, elbow and knee pads, etc.


GGGood Game (salute for opponents good sportsmanship)
RGRRoger (you received the directions)
AFFAffirmative (you understand the directions)
WGWhat’s Good?
NPNo Problem
GLGood Luck
YWYou’re Welcome
LLFLicking Lizard Feet (Laughing like F***)
OGOriginal Gangsters
KEYBOARD WARRIORPlayer who acts tough in chats or puts down others, while making abusive, grandiose or aggressive posts.
SALTYSomeone who is angry, agitated, upset, or is basically mean and annoying.
TOXICA very negative, rude person who spreads hate and negativity.
SQUEAKERPre-pubecent player (most commonly in voice chat) that uses excessive profanity or is sex-obsessed.
NEWBIEPlayer who’s new to the game, a little overconfident, but are willing to learn and grow.
NOOBUneducated player, not willing to learn, expects others to do the work, then brag about their accomplishments.
SALUTESalutation gesture used to honor someone (usually in a military setting)
DISCORDPopular Gaming Chat System
LINESimple Chat/Voice application
MMO (MMOG)Massive Multiplayer Online Game with a large numbers of players, from hundreds to thousands on the same server.
For more lingo or modern descriptions, check out Urban Dictionary