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Battle Boosters


Most players don’t realize how to use boosters until later in the game, so by reading this you already have a leg up on them.


Boosters are items that can be used in a battle to help a player to stay alive, locate and kill a tough enemy. To use a booster, you only need to tap a BOOSTER icon in the upper right corner. You can turn on the AUTOMATIC usage of a booster set by double tapping the icon (icon color changes to red).

There are three types of boosters:

  1. ADRENALINE – fully restores player’s health (heart icon)
  2. EXPLOSIVE BULLET (X-bullets) – loads an instantly killing bullet (bullet icon);
  3. SPOTTER – marks the location of an opponent (spotter icon).
  • STAMINA – not really a booster, but can be found on different maps as a yellow circle and bolt. It replenishes one bar of your stamina, which is necessary to play a board.


Boosters can be earned as a reward or purchased in the in-game store with diamonds. You can also shoot them as a bonus in matches (although that bonus item is only for that match, and does not add them to your inventory).


Boosters are really helpful and sometimes almost necessary, but continuous use and relying on them will become very costly. Here are some examples for when and how to best use them.

ADRENALINE – Life blood of the boosters.

  • Single use right before you die
  • Automatic helps extend a kill streak
  • Works great up against bots, since they are not equip with X-Bullets
  • Life saver advantage with lower ranks
  • Becomes almost useless against high ranked opponents

EXPLOSIVE BULLET – extreme instant killer.

  • No bot or opponent can guard against it (as long as you hit the target)
  • Tends to be a little slower on the reload, when compared to regular bullets
  • If you forgot to gear up with enough rattle

SPOTTER – Your target buddy

  • Highlights the opponents during both normal and night vision
  • Each unit lasts for 10 seconds
  • With automatic set, the targets are marked instantly when you respawn
  • Easier to see marking (even with night vision) so you don’t miss a target
  • Instantly marks opponents (especially those with high-level camouflage), versus waiting on the scanning delay to display targets


Boosters are expensive. At best they run 1 diamond per unit, or more if you buy them in small amounts. Review how you are using your boosters in comparison to your gear rattle. Sometimes it is more cost effective to purchase 50 or 200 diamond rattle, than to use up more than that in boosters.

Check your booster count before a Deathmatch, and especially before a Tournament or DOM. Nothing is worse than running out of boosters mid-game. They are also extremely expensive to buy during a match.

Save up your boosters. Try not to use them when you do your Daily Tasks, otherwise you spend more than you make.

Automatic Spotters. In case you didn’t notice, if you have the Spotters set to automatic, they will still count down and refresh when you are dead.