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Screen Display (HUD)


You need to keep a close eye on everything thats happening in a battle. For this reason, it’s vital to learn the key features of the head-up display (HUD) and why it is critical to winning battles. Some features are not the easiest thing to learn, but it will become second nature with practice.


The HUD simultaneously displays several pieces of information, including your sniper’s health, ammunition, opponent position and scoring. It is best to become familiar with the location and purpose of each of these features. (The actual functionality and appearance slightly changes between rifles.)

  1. Roster Menu (Displays current players in battle)
  2. Your Health Indicator
  3. Comms Menu (Taunt list)
  4. Relocation Menu (Tournament / Domination only)
  5. Color Coded Timer (also indicates winning team)
  6. Autofire Toggle Button (on SMART Rifles only)
  7. Booster – Adrenaline
  8. Booster – Exploding Bullets
  9. Booster – Spotters


  1. Night Vision Toggle (also indicates remaining battery)
  2. Crosshairs (varies between rifles)
  3. Zoom Level (indicator and sliding selector)
  4. Zoom Toggle Button
  5. Trigger (also remaining ammunition counter)
  6. Game play actions (running notification of yours and opponent actions)


To keep all the game-play information from becoming visually overwhelming, some of it is only seen during a particular action. One example is the targets stats, which can only be seen when your crosshairs hover over an target. Here are the key elements you should become familiar with:

  1. Target Identification (Displays opponent type, rank, name and health)
  2. Taunts (User selected or booster used)
  3. Remaining Bullets in Clip
  4. Bonus Points (Displays earned bonus points from shot or kill, plus any multipliers)
  5. Zoom Level (indicator and sliding selector)
  6. Game play actions (running notification of yours and opponent actions)


STANDARD MODE: All helmets default to this daytime view. Great for viewing all the landscape details, but difficult to spot targets.

NIGHT VISION MODE: This infrared view is a special feature of most, but not all helmets. It is the easiest way to spot the targets. Unfortunately it has a limited duration, so become familiar with the STANDARD view for when this mode is not available.


Smart Rifles and Helmets are some of the most sought after items in a players arsenal. Depending on which gear type, these Smart items can customize your HUD display and performance. One example is the BLACK UPGRADE KIT for rifles, which has Pro-mode settings to disable various interface elements in the aiming mode.