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Tournaments: Rankings and Rewards


As a member of a Squad, there’s a greater number of rewards available to both you and the squad.


Similar to the SQUAD Rankings, your SQUAD needs to place in the top tiers to earn Cups and Diamond rewards. You must climb the ranks to earn TOURNAMENT rewards.

  1. CURRENT RANK – Updates after the last TOUR has finished
  2. BATTLES – displays total WINS/MATCHES
  3. RATING TOTAL – current total Rating Points

The Tournament RATING SYSTEM is based on points earned for participating in TOURNAMENTS. The points are earned and added to the SQUAD total based on the following criteria:

  1. Awarded 30-points for WINNING a TOUR (first team to capture a flag)
  2. Awarded 10-points for LOSING in a TOUR (must have won at least 1-node)
  3. Awarded 10-points for a TIE (neither team managed to capture a flag in before time ran out)
  4. Awarded 00-points if ABSENT (no-show or didn’t manage to capture at least one opponent’s node)

WARNING: if a squad is ABSENT, either by not capturing a node or not showing up, they are BLACKMARKED.


  • The prize winning placement is determined by the RATING POINTS total.
  • Rewards are ONLY awarded if the squad placed high enough in the Region.
  • Rank awards are grouped by TOP 1st, 1-3, 5-10 or varied the particular seasonal promotions.
  • The squad’s total only counts for that week, then resets on the following Sunday.


Based on the current available rewards, they will be distributed among all the SQUAD members, according to their individually earned TOURNAMENT RANKPOINTS. Here is how to determine the criteria for payouts:

  1. Only for ACTIVE players (players that earned TOURNAMENT Rankpoints for that week) and…
  2. Reached the REQUIRED minimum (which is 50% of the average squad total), then…
  3. DIVIDED UP between players (50% to the top player and 50% divvied up between the others).
  4. Anyone below the required number will not receive a reward.
  5. The RANKPOINTS earned are also applied to SQUAD and PLAYER point totals.


All the squads are currently split into 3-tiered leagues. As your squad wins Elite Tournament Cups, it moves up to the next league. Each league is progressively more challenging. If a member of a squad has a Tournament Cup and the SQUAD doesn’t, then that member is severely PENALIZED, not the squad.

ADVANCE TIPS: Battle all the available matches, win or lose. By just showing up and winning 1-node, a squad earns 10-points a match, which could position the squad in the top ranks.

Capturing all of the nodes in a TOUR, resulting in BLACKMARKING the opponent, does not increase your RATING POINTS or have much value beyond that.