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Daily Tasks


Gear and Upgrades get very expensive. Earning the necessary funds can be as easy as completing your Daily Tasks. Every day there are new tasks to earn a large amount of cash and gems. Here’s how to maximize your earnings and not throw them away.

What is a Daily Task?

Found in the Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch sections, there are a total of 3-tasks for each map. Complete the first task to move on to the second. There are several different types of tasks, some as easy as KILL 12 ENEMIES while others are a bit more complex, like KILL CROUCHING ENEMIES WITH A HEADSHOT.

If you complete all 3-tasks on all of the 5-maps, then an ELITE DAILY TASK is unlocked. The Elite Daily Task provides you an opportunity to earn Squad Rankpoints as a reward and sometimes even a large load of Diamonds.

Challenging Tasks

While most task requirements are easy to understand, new players usually struggle with the following ones:


A Speed Kill is a series of kills where there’s 4-seconds or less between each kill. It is important to understand that the counter doesn’t start until the 3rd KILL. Each uninterrupted kill (within the 4-second window) adds one more to the combo. It’s best to keep the multiplier going as long as possible. The counter resets if you die or there is more than 4-seconds between kills.


First Blood is the very first kill for that battle. To complete this task a player has to be the first to kill someone on the map. If the battle didn’t start from the very beginning, or you missed the first kill, use the “REPLAY” button and you will automatically be the first player on the next board. Another way to get to the very beginning of the battle is to use the Bane or Joker masks.


These tasks are usually much harder and require more work, but the rewards are equally greater. Pay close attention to what the requirements are, since some require a huge time commitment. One way to complete these tasks faster is to equip the Goblin Mask. This mask helps by tripling the value of any completed task, so if the task is 300-kills, then you only need to complete 100-kills.