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Daily Rewards


You’re probably completing some of these steps already, so don’t miss out on the easiest way to earn cash and gems. Here’s how to take full advantage of the Daily Rewards!

What are Daily Rewards?

The Daily Rewards are bonuses you can receive from doing specific tasks. They are a great way to stock up on masks, boosters, money and gems. Most of these rewards would normally be out of reach or expensive to continually purchase. So why not get them for free?

Earning the rewards consists of 3 parts:

1) LOGIN REWARD: just launch the game — that’s it. (We said it would be easy). Rewards consists of Cash ($1,000–5,000) or Diamonds (3-100).

2) PLAY 3 BATTLES REWARD: all you need to do is play three battles. It doesn’t matter which ones, just as long as you play three of them. Rewards consist of Diamonds, Helmet Masks, and Rifle Oils. (You can never have enough Joker masks).

3) WIN 5 BATTLES REWARD: after the first two tasks are completed, the final one is to win 5 battles. Again, doesn’t matter which type of battles, just as long as you win a total of five. The rewards consist of Boosters, Helmet and Rifle Camouflage. What you might not realize at first, is the booster number, which is the amount added to each of the three booster types!

SPECIAL NOTE: Normally you can only purchase rattle (camo and oils) one at a time. With rewards, if you don’t use them up, they keep stockpiling in your inventory.

The Path to Riches

The key to getting the best rewards is to play daily. The Daily Rewards have a 30-day cycle of increasing rewards. By completing each day’s tasks, you will move on to the next reward level. You can even receive a World Cup on the 30th day. However, if you miss a day, the rewards are reset back to day one.

IMPORTANT: To keep the daily rewards increasing and avoid the counter resetting, you must at least get the LOGIN BONUS every game day.

You can find the full list of rewards in Sniper Arena by selecting the LEARN MORE link at the bottom-right of the REWARDS screen.

This list displays a few other important things to keep track of:

  • Current reward for the day
  • Upcoming rewards
  • Number of consecutive days

So what happens on the 31st day?

You will earn a World Cup if you complete 30 consecutive days, and every 30-days after. However, on the 31st day, the rewards level are reset to day one.

Don’t let this confuse you. The counter is still tracking the number of consecutive days you have completed, the reward type and quantities just happen to be reset. If you continue for a total of 360 consecutive days, you can earn a Royal Cup as the reward!