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Upgrades: Opponent Matching Dilemma


Some common mistakes that are made when upgrading or purchasing gear can cause issues you weren’t expecting. These issues stem from how Sniper Arena’s system performs its matching. This is a case where stronger is not better.


You would think that your rank status is a variable in matching, but according to Sniper Arena it isn’t.

Opponents are matched solely by the maximum DAMAGE available to each player. So it doesn’t matter which rifle is used to enter a battle, the matching will be done by the highest damage value AVAILABLE to you.

Bots matching depends on a player’s maximum ARMOR value – the more armor, the stronger the bots.

So remember:

  • Over-upgraded DAMAGE leads to overly strong opponents.
  • Over-upgraded ARMOR leads to overly strong bots.

It’s also important to note, that it’s NOT possible to reduce the maximum available damage/armor values, even though this is an option in the UPGRADE menu.

Rattle Effect

Temporary gear enhancements are not calculated into the matching system. If you have camo, oils or masks that increase your damage or armor, those are not part of the matching equation. The opponent matching is based solely on the current upgraded levels of the gear.

Comparing Gear

Both a rifle and helmet have a MAXIMUM value and a BASE starting value. The difference in values can be easily overlooked when its time to use them, or when comparing other weapons in your armory. Mark and Mods do not give an accurate assessment of these values.

For example, you just purchased a brand new SR25 rifle with a max damage of 1500, but it only starts out with a damage of 85. You also own a “lower quality” SVG rifle that is currently upgraded to a damage of 800. So which is stronger?

For more information on how to properly upgrade, read New Gear: when and how to use them.

Having performance issues?

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