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New Gear: when and how to use them


It’s always exciting to get new gear, but don’t let the shiny new toy send you backwards. Here are some tips on how to upgrade and when to start using them.

Strong is better than More

An UPGRADED and MAXXED weapon is better than MULTIPLE weapons. Get the best gear you can afford. Once you get a better model, the older versions are pretty much obsolete, so it is a waste of money and time to get a lot of them.

If you are wondering why this is important, check out the guide: Opponent Matching.

If you can’t afford a better option yet, then save up for the one you really want. Who knows, you might get lucky with one of those Pretty Little Boxes!

 When you get a new rifle or helmet, follow these upgrading directions:

  1. DO NOT automatically switch to the new gear.
  2. Build up your new gear and then switch to it. (It’s a little bit of hassle bouncing back and forth but it will give you a good return for the time spent.)
  3. Upgrade all of the stats/features, but NEVER upgrade the DAMAGE or ARMOR beyond the level of your previous gear. Take it up to nearly MATCH, but NOT EXCEED IT, until you’ve built out the other stats first.
  4. MAX LEVELS are dependent on the gear. Some only go to 14, others higher than 20. Reference the RIFLE and HELMET charts for more detailed specs.
  5. After you have done all of that, then you can switch.

SIDE NOTE: You do not need to purchase gear in sequence. The only restrictions are by player rank level, medals or cups requirements, and your available funds. Here are some suggested purchase and upgrade paths.

Having performance issues?

If you didn’t follow these guides or found them too late? Here are a few ways to fix it.