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Gear Imbalance: lots of dying and not much killing


Ever since you acquired some new gear, you’ve been experiencing unusually tougher bots or opponents. You’re probably having a hard time killing them in a single headshot as well. This is a telltale sign you might have a gear imbalance.


Since the Opponent Matching is based on DAMAGE and ARMOR, your new gear might have matched you with tougher opponents, without you even knowing it.

RULE GUIDELINE: matching is based on the highest value, regardless if it’s equipped or not.


The ARMORY selection menu will only show the BASE and MAX values, not the actual or current stats. Make sure you know the difference. If you are unsure, the article on how to properly view Gear Stats will help.

ADVANCED TIP: If you are comparing gear, then it’s helpful to have a pencil and paper handy.


It would be impossible to specifically define the value possibilities of each gear, player rank, and so on (especially since Sniper Arena keeps that a guarded secret). BALANCED would be best described as the effects of upgrades, as it pertains to your KILL/DEATH ratio.

You might be imbalanced if:

  1. You tend to DIE more than you KILL, or…
  2. have a difficult time killing a target with multiple shots, when you used to do it in one, or…
  3. your DAMAGE and ARMOR upgrade ratios are off kilter (see below).

Common upgrade guidelines (for lower ranked players)

  1. When upgrading between RIFLES and HELMETS, some players try to keep a ratio of (1) DAMAGE to every (6) ARMOR or sometimes as much as 1:10.
  2. While upgrading MODULES on a single rifle, the rule of (2) DAMAGE to every (5) NON-DAMAGE is pretty standard.
  3. So if your DAMAGE value is 100, your ARMOR should be 600, this would be 1:6 ratio.

A couple of things you can do to fix it.

The Black Upgrade Kit as an option. If you upgraded your rifle’s damage too high, installing the Black Kit will reset all the module levels back to zero.

Freeze upgrading the detrimental modules. If you know which stat is causing trouble, don’t upgrade it and start up everything else, based on the RATIOS above.

Get a better rifle or helmet. If you’re not the top sniper in the league, chances are there’s some better gear out there. The next level of gear may balance out the problem areas.

Adjust your RATTLE selection. Rattle doesn’t effect the opponent matching, but switching what camo or oils you use, can at least make it easier.

If you have super strong bots, equip VENOM mask or a rifle that make you invisible to bots.

If your problem is strong opponents, stock up on Exploding Bullets and put on some stronger ARMOR camo.