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Drones Overview: Death from Above


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a BATTLE DRONE?? That’s right, drones are buzzing in the arena skies, but why are they here and what does that mean for Snipers? Get the intel on this unique addition to the Sniper Arena game.


Battle Drone HUD

A Sniper BATTLE DRONE is similar to its real world counterpart. Think of it as a cross between a BOOSTER and a BOT, or as an addition to your gear. The drone system introduces some new elements, while also building off existing parts:

  • Game Expansion by introducing several new parameters
  • Availability that requires game achievements to unlock them
  • Independent System of purchasing and upgrading
  • Acts like a bot, shooting your opponents and other drones
  • Acts like another target, for players to shoot down and score


In the ARMORY>DRONES section you will find five types of drones. Each one corresponds with the Fireteam CHEVRON that is required to purchase that particular drone.

Battle Drone Upgrade Options

Every drone shares the following parameters:

  • A drone can be purchased once a player has the required Chevron
  • Each drone has modules that can be upgraded, similar to a rifle or helmet
  • Drones can be used in all types of battles
  • Multiples can be launched one after another or all at once
  • Each have limited use and duration, like Night Vision or Spotters
  • Must be CHARGED between use or after they are shot down

When in battle, opponents can see and shoot your drones, and you can do the exact same thing. However, the only way for you to see your drone in action is by the kills it makes.

You must evaluate and decide when and if it is strategically beneficial to use your drone.


Battle Drone Parameters

  1. HULL DAMAGE (Penetration): How much damage a drone does to other drones
  2. DAMAGE: amount of damage dealt to real players and bots
  3. HULL: durability of a drone, similar to helmet armor
  4. FLYING SPEED: movement speed on the map
  5. BATTERY: how long the drone will operate before a recharge is needed
  6. CPU: how fast it detects enemies and behaves in battle


LIGHT BATTLE DRONE “FOX” (6×6) = 3000 diamonds

MEDIUM BATTLE DRONE “EAGLE” (5×5) = 6000 diamonds

ASSAULT DRONE “BOAR” (4×4) = 10000 diamonds

HEAVY DRONE “TIGER” (3×3) = 15000 diamonds

ULTRA HEAVY DRONE “BEAR” (2×2) = 20000 diamonds


You can release only one drone at a time and the drones are not considered as separate players. So there can be a maximum of 12 players on a map with 12 drones released.

Drones are not visible with the thermal imager at the current moment.