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About SniperHQ

The goal of SniperHQ is to provide Sniper Arena players with the largest wealth of how-to guides, insider information, tips and tricks. Everything you need to master the game and build the ULTIMATE SNIPER!


Over seven months ago I downloaded the Sniper Arena app for the first time. From that moment on I was hooked — now a lifetime member of SAA (Sniper Addicts Anonymous).

From day one, it was surprising how difficult it was to find advice and details about the game. In-game or online information was sparse and even contradictory. So I started endlessly questioning game veterans and collecting their advice. This search plunged me down the rabbit hole, only to find more questions.

I took the information and posted it on our squad’s server. As word spread about these guides, players from other squads requested access too. It was at that point I started exploring how to share this information with the entire Sniper Arena community.


SniperHQ game guides are logically grouped and organized to make it easier to find answers. Articles are packed with detailed charts, illustrations, video examples and much more.


  • The largest collection of Sniper Arena information found anywhere
  • Indepth details on gear stats, comparisons, tips and tricks
  • Expert advice from Sniper Arena veterans
  • Notifications of SA rule changes, additions and promotions
  • Ability to search for the answers you need, when you need them
  • Your input into what topics and questions should be added next
  • Weekly updates and additional content

Take a moment to think about what these guides could mean to your gameplay!


SniperHQ is not endorsed, supported or affiliated with SniperArena, Nordcurrent or any of their affiliates. It takes a large amount of time to research questions and find the answers, then create the articles and maintain the site. It’s basically a full-time job. Your patronage ensures all the content is live and available for when you need it.

​Currently around 30% of the available content is edited, formatted and available on the website. With your help I can finish adding the other 70% and grow it to the largest Sniper Arena game guide!

As the number of patrons grows, I will be able to refine existing content and add more features (like play-by-play videos and interactive tutorials).


Patreon does the heavy lifting; handling patron questions, payments, administration and more. This enables me to focus entirely on creating quality content. With Patreon, 90% of your donation goes directly into the SniperHQ development.

The Patreon system is also directly tied into the website — as an active member the guides are instantly available to you!

I hope you consider supporting SniperHQ today. Good luck and happy hunting!

STØNĒCØLĐ aka Scott Auch